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Early Researcher Award winners

The Early Researcher Award program (ERA) is a program administered by the Province of Ontario that aims to help promising, recently-appointed Ontario researchers build their research teams of graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and research associates. It replaced the Premier’s Research Excellence Awards (PREA) program in 2005.

The ultimate goal of the program is to improve Ontario’s ability to attract and retain the best and brightest research talent in high-priority economic areas. Recipients receive $100,000 from the Province of Ontario towards a total project of $190,000.

2016 - Round 11

Sonia Chiasson, Faculty of Science

Audrey Girouard, Faculty of Engineering and Design

2015 – Round 10

Rowan Thomson, Faculty of Science

William O’Brien, Faculty of Engineering and Design

2014 - Round 9

Gita Ljubicic, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Derek Mueller, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

2012 - Round 8

Winnie Ye, Faculty of Engineering and Design

2011 - Round 7

Michel Dumontier, Faculty of Science

Fei Richard Yu, Faculty of Engineering and Design

2010 - Round 6

Ash Asudeh, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Maria DeRosa, Faculty of Science

2009 - Round 5

Anatoli Ianoul, Faculty of Science

2008 - Round 4

Jayne Yack, Faculty of Science

2007 - Round 3

David Resner, Faculty of Science

Steven Cooke, Faculty of Science

Shelley Hepworth, Faculty of Science

Banu Ormeci, Faculty of Engineering and Design

Pat Morin, Faculty of Science

Brett Stevens, Faculty of Science

2006 - Round 2

Peter X. Liu, Faculty of Engineering and Design

William Willmore, Faculty of Science

2005 & Round 1 ERAs

Prosenjit Bose, Faculty of Science

Shawn Hayley, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Robert Letcher, Faculty of Science

Ron Miller, Faculty of Engineering and Design


Gail Atkinson, Faculty of Science

Alain Bellerive, Faculty of Science

Katie Gilmour, Faculty of Science


Mark Forbes, Faculty of Science

Daniel Panario, Faculty of Science


Ionnis Lambadaris, Faculty of Science


Lenore Fahrig, Faculty of Science

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