Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Carleton Professor Receives World’s Highest Award for Mountain Advocacy

Carleton University’s Jack Ives, eminent montologist and adjunct research professor of Geography and Environmental Studies has been selected to receive the world’s highest award for mountain advocacy — the Lifetime Achievement edition of the Sir Edmund Hillary Mountain Legacy Medal.

The award is presented for remarkable service in the conservation of culture and nature in mountainous regions. The medal recognizes Sir Edmund Hillary’s own service on behalf of mountain people and their environment and encourages the continuing emulation of his example.

Ives had a distinguished career as a geomorphologist and glaciologist before broadening his interests to include areas usually associated with human geography, development and other fields. His early research focused on the onset of glaciation and dynamics of glacial movement, avalanche mapping and the impact of cloud seeding. Later projects have ranged from the development of community-based trekking tourism in China to the first scientific study of Glacial Lake Outbreak Floods.

Montology is the interdisciplinary study of all aspects of mountains, including highland-lowland linkages, and focuses particularly on mitigating and managing disasters, improving stewardship of mountain ecosystems and sustaining mountain livelihoods and culture.

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