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Carleton’s Achim Hurrelmann Named a Jean Monnet Chair in 2015

Achim HurrelmannCarleton University’s Achim Hurrelmann, associate professor in the Department of Political Science and director of the Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies (EURUS), has been awarded a Jean Monnet Chair for 2015-2018 under the European Union’s Erasmus+ program for education, training, youth and sport.

Hurrelmann is one of only two Canadians, out of 181 successful candidates, to win the award this year. The Chair is a teaching and research post, held over three years, with a specialization in European Union (EU) studies. It will also reinforce Carleton University’s role as a leading Canadian institution for research and policy advice in EU Studies by hosting a number of academic and outreach events that engage not only scholars, but also the policy community and civil society in Ottawa, Canada’s capital city.

“Recent events in EU politics, especially the Eurozone financial crisis, have raised the question of whether EU decision-making is sufficiently democratic,” said Hurrelmann. “There are also concerns about how European integration affects the quality of democracy in the member states. The Jean Monnet Chair in Democracy in the European Union will address these concerns in undergraduate and graduate teaching, as well as in research and outreach events.”

The chair will be housed in EURUS; it will co-operate closely with the Centre of European Studies (CES) and Carleton’s other Jean Monnet Chair, held by Joan DeBardeleben.

“The fact that Carleton has been awarded its second Jean Monnet Chair reaffirms the role of Carleton as Canada’s premier research and teaching institution in the field of European Studies.”

Hurrelmann plans to grow Carleton’s undergraduate programs in European and Russian Studies by creating a new introductory course for incoming students and establishing a regular distance-learning option for advanced undergraduates. He will also strengthen graduate programs in the field by expanding course offerings on democracy in the EU, including a course that examines the implications of the EU’s democratic processes for EU-Canada relations.

Hurrelmann will reinforce Carleton‘s role as a leading Canadian institution for research and policy advice in EU Studies by hosting events that engage not only scholars, but the policy community and civil servants.

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