Message from the President

Roseann O’Reilly Runte, President, Carleton University

When you combine strong vision, well-defined goals, and brilliant, dedicated scholars, you have a formula that surely drives success.  This is our formula at Carleton and it should no longer be a secret.  Our researchers are moving ahead at a great pace and we are certainly proud of their results.

Message from the Vice-President

Nimal Rajapakse, Vice-President (Research and International), Carleton University

Just over a year ago I joined Carleton as Vice-President, Research and International and in that time I have seen remarkable research partnerships and funding awarded to Carleton University faculty and graduate students.

I am pleased to present the inaugural Year in Review for Carleton’s Research and International office.  The 2015-2016 report summarizes just some of the accomplishments realized at Carleton over the past year and provides a brief glimpse into the innovative work we are doing, the partnerships we are forging and the recognition we are receiving.

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Research By the Numbers

Canada Research Chairs


Royal Society Fellows


Order of Canada Recipients


National Killam Award Winners


In Sponsored Research Funding

$59 Million

Carleton University Research Centres


Visiting Scholars from 44 Countries


Companies Created Since 2010


Faculty Members


Graduate Students


International Students


International MOUs


Research Excellence

This year’s highlights in research excellence include seven stories in the fields of sustainable energy, European, Russian and Eurasian studies, sensory technology, fundamental physics, water and global health, political science, and anthropology.


This year’s awards highlights include nine prestigious awards picked up by our esteemed faculty and five awards to our students.

Community Engagement

This year’s highlights in community engagement include youth engagement in global problem solving, collaborations between Carleton and NAV Canada, the launch of innovative community programs, and the opening of Front Door to provide external partners with access to the university’s research expertise and infrastructure.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Carleton has a history of innovation and collaboration with the private and public sectors to promote economic development.  Carleton has launched more than 200 startups since 2010.  In 2012 alone, R&D projects generated more than $1.8 million in commercial activity. This years highlights include the TIM program, Lead to Win, Accelerator for student entrepreneurs, and building and water safety research.

Funding Highlights

This years highlights in funding include $8.9 million from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) to establish detectors for the exploration of high-energy physics, NSERC funding for research on the effect of hydroelectric power generation on fish, SSHRC partnership grants to help conserve Canada’s architectural heritage, $3.3 million from the NSERC CREATE for unique graduate student training programs, and $300,000 over five years from CIHR to support research on antibiotic resistance and bacterial adaptation.

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International Engagement


Political Science Professor Christina Rajas is focused on the role that Indigenous knowledge plays in the ongoing transformation of the societal paradigm in Bolivia and the role played by Indigenous women in pushing for progressive legislation.



Close to 20 Carleton team members are working on the ATLAS experiment at CERN, one of four large detectors located around the Large Hadron Colider which is designed to explore the physics that underlies the behavior or the building blocks of the universe.



Stephen Gruber led a pilot study towards assessing environmental and societal impacts of permafrost thaw in the Hindu Kush Himalayas.



Paul Mkandawire is assessing factors associated with HIV testing among youth in Northern Malawi.



Architectural Conservation and Sustainability Professor Mario Santana and international PhD student Davide Mezzino, along with UNESCO, are working toward capacity building of Myanmar experts in the documentation of temples in Bagan using 3-D techniques in studying built heritage.



Steven Cooke, Canada Research Chair in Fish Ecology and Conservation Physiology is collaborating with partners in Australia to study the sustainability of marine fisheries.



A team of students and professors from engineering, business, and industrial design travelled to Londigo where they worked with the local community to come up with regionally appropriate water harvesting solutions, called From Buckets to Rain Barrels.  A multi-year project, it is a fourth-year Capstone Design Project.


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Faculty of Engineering and Design

Excellence and innovation in biomedical and health research were the highlights in FED this year.  Dr. Adrian Chan received an Outstanding Biomedical Engineer of the Year award, Dr. Monique Frize received multiple awards in the field of Systems and Computer Engineering, and Dr. Sreeraman Rajan, Carleton’s Canada Research Chair on Sensor Systems, received a grant to improve health care using sensors.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Dr. Brian Foss, Director of the School for Studies in Art and Culture and Professor of Art History, has spent the bulk of the last decade researching an unsung but intriguing collective of Canadian artists known as the Beaver Hall Group.  Dr. Foss’s research culminated last fall in an exhibition for the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts titled 1920’s Modernism in Montreal: The Beaver Hall Group.

Faculty of Public Affairs

Dale Spencer, Assistant Professor in the Department of Law and Legal Studies, delves into the experiences, effects of, and reactions to, manifold forms of violence and victimization.  Dr. Spencer is collaborating on three projects to study homelessness, policing and sexual violence, and the impact of forced indigenous adoption in Canada.

Faculty of Science

Hilary Maddin, Assistant Professor in the Department of Earth Sciences participated on a team that has identified a Canadian fossil.  With its steak knife-like teeth, the fossil had long been mistaken for that of a dinosaur.

Sprott School of Business

On April 15, 2016, Sprott marked the 20th anniversary of its PhD in Management Program with a research symposium that showcased the work of students, faculty and alumni. The program also featured two panel discussions.

Faculty of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs

This year’s research highlights from FGPA included a Vanier Scholarship awarded for poverty research, and the graduation of the first cotutelle student from Carleton University.