Ten Carleton University researchers have been successful in the latest round of research infrastructure funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation. Armed with over $1M, Carleton’s research infrastructure will be bolstered to support important projects in leading areas such as health and wellness, sustainability and climate change, the new economy, telecommunications, and more.

Recipients include:

  • Mohamed Al Guindy (Sprott School of Business) — Dynamic networks in financial markets
  • John Anderson (Department of Cognitive Science) — Ageing gracefully: The influence of lifestyle and contextual factors on older adults’ everyday cognition
  • Shulabh Gupta (Department of Electronics) — Smart metasurface reflectors & reflect-arrays for 5G wireless and beyond
  • Andrew Harris (Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) — Advancing super resolution microscopy with ‘kinetic rulers’ and a TIRF microscope
  • Connor Kupchak (Department of Electronics) — Development of quantum technologies for integration into telecommunication systems
  • Kirk Luther (Department of Psychology) — Creating the Centre for Investigative Interviewing
  • Stéfy McKnight (Journalism and Communication) – Research Creation Laboratory for unsettling surveillance and disruptive exhibitionism (RC Lab)
  • Robyn McQuaid (Department of Neuroscience) — Examining the neurobiology of trauma to inform personalized treatments for mental illnesses
  • Carlos Rossa (Department of Systems and Computer Engineering) — Infrastructure for ultrasound-guided percutaneous robotic surgery
  • Cole Van De Ven (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering) — Geo-environmental Gas Laboratory: Advancing environmentally sustainable decarbonization in the Canadian energy sector

About the John R. Evans Leaders Opportunity Fund:
The funding is part of the John R. Evans Leaders Fund (JELF), designed to help universities attract and retain the best researchers at a time of intense international competition.

To this end, JELF offers institutions the opportunity to:

  • Acquire infrastructure for their leading research faculty to undertake cutting-edge research; and
  • Create competitive research support packages in the form of infrastructure and a portion of the operating and maintenance costs from the CFI, coupled with direct research costs from partner organizations.

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