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The Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships program allows highly motivated and competitive researchers to realize their full potential and develop their careers. They are designed to allow Canada to build world-class research capacity by recruiting top-tier postdoctoral trainees at an internationally competitive level of funding. They are prestigious and much sought-after. Following are Carleton’s Banting Postdoctoral Fellows:


Logan Cochrane
When Knowledge Results in Action: Social Change and the Role of Research, Politics and Collective Action
News Release


Hillary Maddin
Brain-cranium interactions in the origin of tetrapod cranial diversity
News Release / Research Works Story

Rena Bivens
Social Media for Social Change? A Critical Analysis of the Sociotechnical Relations between Social Media Software and Non-Profit Users Working to End Gender-Based Violence
News Release / Research Works Story

Sophie Tamas
Going to pieces: Memory and mourning in digital scraps
News Release / Research Works Story


Martin Geiger
Smart new border world: Information technologies and security industries in the management of human cross-border mobility in North America and Europe
Research Works story

Nduka Otiono
Street stories in the postcolony:  democracy and the politics of the everyday in Africa
Research Works story


Eli MacLaren
The production of Canadian literature
Research Works story

Alex Wong
Pleiotropic effects of adaptive mutations
Research Works story

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