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Elie Azar

Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Buildings and Communities

Degrees: BEng (Polytechnique Montréal), MSc and PhD (Wisconsin-Madison)

“I aim to develop the needed tools and expertise to understand evolving drivers of building performance and promote a built environment that is more efficient, climate resilient, and better adapted to people.”

Elie Azar’s research focuses on the next generation of sustainable, resilient, and people-centric buildings and communities. The main objective of Azar’s CRC research is to bridge the gap between different building-related disciplines, fostering the integration of knowledge and research methods. Examples of these disciplines include building energy modelling and design, occupant behaviour and comfort, microclimate modelling, and urban energy planning. This will be achieved by leveraging novel data-driven and physics-based methods to capture the multidisciplinary mechanisms affecting building performance, propose and test sustainable building solutions under uncertainty, and guide urban policy efforts.

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