Photo of Mohammad Reza Kholghy

M. Reza Kholghy

Canada Research Chair in Particle Technology and Combustion Engineering

Degrees: Ph.D. and M.A.Sc. (Toronto), B.A.Sc (Sharif)

“What excites me is that I’m learning everyday in order to move forward in this field. Right now, there are a lot of emerging applications for particles because our understanding has increased significantly which helps us control or design new particles with properties not possible a couple of decades ago.”

There are millions of particles in the air ranging in size from a few nanometres up to a few micrometres. Mohammed Reza Kholghy is focused on particles that are a few nanometres in size. He studies all types of these microscopic particles from the soot particles that escape out of a truck’s black exhaust to the particles that absorb UV light in sunscreen. Kholghy is focused on describing how these tiny particles are formed and how their properties are related to the process in which they were created. New processes that can generate new types of particles is now a burgeoning area for Kholghy with limitless possibilities that could eventually benefit many fields such as medicine and biology.

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