Photo of Natalina Salmaso

Natalina Salmaso

Canada Research Chair in Behavioural Neurobiology

Degrees: PhD (Concordia University)

“I am trying to understand the brain as a system and stop the progression of diseases such as Parkinson’s and depression through new techniques.”

Natalina Salmaso’s lab is focused on how the brain develops and can change development and plasticity which can lead to different neurological or psychiatric disorders. In particular, Salmaso focuses on Parkinson’s disease and depression and anxiety. She is studying astrocytes—a particular subset of cells that are the most abundant in the brain and are linked to the blood-brain barrier. Astrocytes pick up whatever the blood is bringing them and transmitting that information to the neurons. Salmaso is targeting the astrocytes electrophysiologically to see what happens if astrocytes can stimulate degenerating neurons to fight these diseases.

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Twitter: @SalmasoLab

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