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Paul Van Oorschot

Former Canada Research Chair in Authentication and Computer Security

Degrees: Ph.D. (Waterloo)

“Computer and Internet Security connects research to the real world, and affects everyone on the planet, whether through financial systems, communications tools, workplace computers, travel infrastructure, or control of power grids.”

Security involving computers and communication networks begins with three high-level goals: data confidentiality, data reliability (preventing manipulation), and assurance that only authorized entities access resources. Paul Van Oorschot’s research spans all elements involving authentication and internet security related to computers and communication technologies. This includes preventing user impersonation or fraudulent account login, ensuring two-factor authentication systems work, and securing systems and applications against malicious activity that may aim to exploit underlying operating systems, hardware, or telecommunications protocols. Every element of an entire system must be robust against manipulation. Since every individual in society today either directly uses or relies heavily on computer systems, authentication and computer security is of primary importance to everyone.

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Carleton Computer Security Lab (CCSL):

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Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, ACM, and IEEE

Author of Computer Security and Internet: Tools and Jewels from Malware to Bitcoin (2021) and Handbook of Applied Cryptography (1996)

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