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Carleton University Announces Research Prize Winners

research-prize-winners-Oct2015Carleton University’s Research Prizes were announced at the Passion for Research Luncheon, a celebration of the university’s research excellence, on Monday, Oct. 5, 2015.

Launched in 2013, the Carleton University Research Prizes recognize outstanding efforts that go beyond the specific research programs of individual faculty and have led to the advancement of the profile of Carleton University.

The Faculty-to-Faculty Mentoring Award was given to Stephen Saideman, Paterson Chair in International Affairs in the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (NPSIA).

“Saideman demonstrates remarkable leadership in motivating, encouraging and engaging his colleagues to achieve their research goals,” said André Plourde, dean of the Faculty of Public Affairs. “Most notably, he exhibits exceptional mentorship not only within his home unit, NPSIA, but throughout the Faculty of Public Affairs and across the university campus.”

A Building Connections Award was given to Prof. Craig Bennell in the Department of Psychology.

“More than anyone else I know, Craig reflects the values of our institution while undertaking his teaching, research and administrative work – values such as excellence, interdisciplinarity, collaboration, accessibility and accountability – and he builds on Carleton’s existing strengths to make a positive difference for people at Carleton and in the broader community,” said Prof. Joanna Pozzulo, chair of the Department of Psychology. “I believe that Craig’s focus on partnership building in his teaching, research and administrative service is most in line with Carleton’s current vision and captures the most important contributions that Craig has made to the university.”

Another Building Connections Award was given to the Migration and Diaspora Steering (MDS) Committee. The committee includes Sarah Casteel, associate professor in the Department of English; Martin Geiger, assistant professor in the Department of Political Science; Daniel McNeil, associate professor in the Department of History; Jeff Sahadeo, associate professor in the Department of Political Science and associate director of EURUS; Ming Tiampo, associate professor in the School for Studies in Art and Culture and director of the Institute for Comparative Studies in Literature, Art and Culture; Howard Duncan, executive head of the Metropolis Project; Catherine Khordoc, interim dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences; James Milner, assistant professor in the Department of Political Science; Daiva Stasiulis, professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology; and Christopher Worswick, professor in the Department of Economics .

“The opportunities presented by the work of the MDS Committee have and continue to position Carleton University as a national and global leader in the field of Migration and Diaspora Studies,” said Plourde. “Their collaborative, cross-faculty style of work has contributed significantly and strategically to Carleton’s further growth and development as a comprehensive university. Because of their dedication to bringing together teams of researchers, regardless of background or academic discipline, the MDS team has achieved continued success in attracting research funding, building capacity and collaborations, and producing cutting-edge research.”

The Research and Academic Impact Award was given to Prof. Susan Phillips in the School of Public Policy and Administration.

“Susan Phillips’ contributions to the development and leadership in the advancement of public policy research in Canada, especially but not only, in the area of third (voluntary) sector studies, are unparalleled,” said Plourde. “Her research achievements alone merit this award; they are matched and reinforced by decades of cross-disciplinary collaborations, program innovation, and national and international leadership. Susan provides a model to us all on how to balance significant international research impact with service to her institution and country.”

The Faculty-to-Faculty Mentoring and Building Connections Awards are sponsored by the Vice-President (Research and International), and the Research and Academic Impact Award is jointly sponsored by the Vice-President (Research and International) and the Provost and Vice-President (Academic).

About the Carleton University Research Prizes:
These prizes are awarded for activities and initiatives that are integral to continuing to support and enhance the vibrant research culture at Carleton, as they build a broad and sustainable foundation that supports research excellence, student engagement and Carleton’s impact on real-world issues.

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